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Welcome to DVD Player Reviews, a site which provides un-biased real customer reviews of DVD Players available on Amazon.com. As well as indepth DVD Player Reviews our site contains images of the DVD Players and well as helpful links to the products Amazon.com page where you can purchase the product.

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What the CD did for listening to music, the DVD is doing for watching movies: bringing high-quality reproductions to an optical format that doesn't degrade every time you use it. DVD video quality is twice as good as VHS tape quality, and one disc can deliver anything from two channels of standard, CD-quality sound to compressed 6-channel surround sound from formats like Dolby Digital and DTS. Most DVDs offer multiple language and subtitle options, alternate sound tracks for an isolated music score (no dialog), or a forum for the director, the writer, the stars, or a noted film critic to engage in running commentary on the onscreen action.

While most DVD-Video players offer superb picture and sound quality--including outstanding playback of conventional CDs--there are many important differences in features and performance. We'll cover the gamut in this site, exploring the relevant issues to help you locate the best match for your system. By having all the facts at your fingertips, you can be sure of buying the DVD Players that best m